The main topics in thermodynamics have already been presented and it remains only to implement these technologies on large scale. In the near future an old car engine is going to be adjusted to run on hydrazine instead of diesel and some prototypes of new designed power plants are going to be demonstrated too.

It is a pity the fact that even important regulatory bodies (DG Energy and DG Clima of the European Commission) have not been interested to help implementing these technologies in practice. DG Clima has as main objective fighting climate change and DG Energy has as main task to ensure that Europe has secure, affordable and sustainable energy.

It was my intention to make publicly available the complaints formulated at EU Ombudsman against EU Commission regarding these aspects. Now it seems that a communication channel has been opened and I hope the situation is going to be solved. In this case, by sure, Europe will become the real promoter for green and cheap electrical energy.

The present newsletter switches the topic and demonstrates that introductory manuals in science have to be changed; water electrolysis can be considered one of the first experiments in modern science and it is high time to show the absurdity of accepted explanation.

Using a chemical source of electric current, William Nicholson and Anthony Carlisle performed for the first time the electrolysis of water in 1800. About a century was necessary until this simple experiment got an explanation, which is still presented in introductory science manuals for pupils.

This newsletter is going to demonstrate how the accepted explanation can be ruled out with experiments performed in the kitchen.

In parallel, mainstream science backed with immense public or private money continues the appraisal of these absurdities preached during last centuries. For mainstream leaders it is difficult to understand that adding new epicycles to an absurd model is not going to make it work. Irrespective of the amount of money pumped into the so called ,,modern science”, there is no future for it. 

There are still a handful of powerful universities which ban my newsletters and practically control everything happen in science. It is going to be very difficult for them to come back into the crowd of eligible institutions able to acquire a license for using my theory; most of them are going to become museums in the future.

Here is a ,,shame  list” with such top rated universities/research centers which still ban my newsletters: Heidelberg University, Stockholm University, Technical University Delft, Barcelona University, University Carlos III of Madrid, CERN, Stanford University, Berkeley University, Princeton University, Columbia University, Purdue University, Duke University, Northwestern University, Notre Dame University, Cornell University, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, University of Chicago, Rice university, NASA.

It is a pity that all the other universities/research centers around the world and in my database there are more than a thousand, do not have the guts to stand up and write a new page of history …..


Sooner or later, everyone is going to understand that something has to be changed in the way we do science; up to that moment, mainstream science is still going to pour huge amounts of money down the drain and destroy generation after generation of youngsters by giving them a wrong scientific background.

In a previous newsletter the topic of water electrolysis and dissociation was already kicked off and present article is going to continue some of the ideas presented there.

Those who missed reading the newsletter, still can find it at the following link:

Apparently there is little connection between water electrolysis and the concept of ionic bound.

What if one could demonstrate by some simple experiments that no charges are ever transferred or generated during the formation or breaking of an ionic bound?

In this case, the generation of charged particles from covalent bound would be out of the question!

The section 2 of this newsletter demonstrates this fact and formulates a new postulate for chemistry:

No electron is ever transferred during a chemical reaction.

Free electric charges (electrons or ions) can be generated only in special conditions: high vacuum, high voltage, etc.

Section 3 presents and exemplifies some new postulates which are necessary for creating the new conceptual frame for water electrolysis and electrodes phenomena.  

THE NON EQUIVALENCE POSTULATE:  What we presently call electric and magnetic fields are completely different physical phenomena. They are somehow related to the same cause: magnels arrangement, oscillation or possible movement, but they cannot be considered equivalent and they cannot convert one into another

            POSTULATE REGARDING THE CHARACTERIZATION OF LIQUID STATE OF MATTER:  At microscopic level, in case of a homogenous liquid and irrespective of its temperature, there is no free rotation and translation of its particles one in respect to others.

            Other experimental facts related to electrolysis are presented in section 4.

            One topic which is highly valuated by fringe scientists is the water electrolysis in presence of a magnetic field and another important topic is related to biophysics and electric currents generated by living organisms.

            Last section is the top notch part of the newsletter.

            A new framework for electrode phenomena is described in absence of any charge movement or species exchange between electrode and solution.

            The autoionization of water is further analyzed and explained in absence of any covalent bound break.

How can a covalent bound get broken at normal temperatures when the energy necessary for this step is about 497 kJ/mol ?

Is there a quantum fanatic who still wants to explain how a ,,photon” in infrared, i.e corresponding to a temperature of 50ºC can broke a chemical bound having an energy of 497 kJ/mol? 

Of course the dissolution of hydrochloric acid or sodium chloride are also analyzed and found faulty in the frame of modern science.

A new postulate is presented in order to establish a reference point for the future studies:

Mild physical procedures like dissolution, evaporation, freezing, phase change, cannot ever break a chemical bound.

Last but not least the specificity of reactions at electrode and the case of water electrolysis are presented at conceptual level in the frame of new proposed theory.

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Sorin Cosofret